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Hi Werner,

Well it has been a journey for us.  You have been wonderful to work with each step of the way.  It was difficult thinking about buying a condo 1500 miles away.

I had very specific ideas and questions.  Our correspondence began through email as I requested because of my schedule.  We spoke several times prior to my first visit.  You always listened and were able to help me identify locations we would be interested in.  When I was able to fly down for a visit you made it a very informative and productive visit.

After my visit you set me up with your new personalized web portal  as it was a new feature.

This is a wonderful website.  You customized a personal portal with all of the complexes we were interested in and a few additional ones you suggested we watch.  At my leisure I was able to pour over each listing, look at pictures, read the information and rate them.  The rating ability then made it very easy to look at my favorites all under one grouping.  What I do like the best is the portal is linked to the MLS listings.  Whenever there was an update at any of my requested locations such as a new listing, a price reduction, pending, etc. the change showed up immediately.  I am also able to send you messages, ask questions directly from within the portal.  For me this made the experience so much more rewarding.

The portal made it very easy for us to review and ponder all of the different complexes.  It assisted very much as we narrowed down our choices.  You have also been very helpful, if we wanted to add a location to broaden our search, you customized our personal access that worked best for us.

Werner as we are almost ready to close on our chosen condo we are very excited.  You have been there every step of the way for us.  Working on-line, with email, the portal and phone calls we could not be happier.  You have gone above and beyond to assure we have all of the visual documentation we need.  Your knowledge of the area and how real-estate works in Florida has also made for a very smooth and confident process.

You listened and guided.  Not once did we feel you were trying to sell a location.  You never once made us feel as if you knew what was best and tried to steer us.  I truly feel that you go above and beyond to be sure each client receives your undivided attention.   I know even if this process had taken a year or more you would still be there assisting.  The web portal is like a sporting event for me.  Even though we are finalizing our purchase, I continue to check in daily to see what is going on.  It only takes a moment for a quick update.

We look forward to seeing you when we arrive to stay in our new home.  I will also be highly recommending you to anyone looking to buy or sell property in your area.


Thank you,

Susan S.